Benefits Of Using An Ab Roller

Abs of steel don’t come overnight. Losing belly fat and toning your abs requires work, and lots of it. As well as a balanced diet, you’re going to have to do lots of cardio workouts and challenging core exercises.

Thing is, there are only so many crunches you can do before they become a bit, well, boring.

An ab roller is a great way to add variety to your workout and keep it interesting during the long road ahead. When used correctly it builds stronger hips, triceps, lats and abs, making it a great tool for targeting your core stabiliser muscles.

Involves Several Muscles

Whereas most strength-training exercises engage one or two muscle groups, an ab wheel rollout involves lots of them. With each repetition, nearly twenty different muscles are triggered, including your hips, shoulders, triceps, latissimus dorsi and abdominals.

Building stronger muscles helps to improve your stamina so that you have more energy throughout the day. It can also reduce the symptoms of arthritis and heart disease, as well as reduce the chances of you suffering from them in later life.

Improves Core Strength

An ab roller is a great way to boost your core strength and balance which is invaluable if you want to achieve rock hard abs. However, there are benefits of a strong core that go way beyond a six-pack.

Having a strong core can help you carry out everyday activities with ease, including bending, turning and carrying your shopping. It also helps to improve your posture, flexibility and reduce the risk of lower back pain.

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Builds Your Metabolic Rate

Increasing your muscle mass improves your metabolic rate. This means you don’t have to work so hard to burn calories and lose fat. For further information on the benefits of building your metabolic rate, check out our blog on strength training.

Safety Advice

Crucially, it’s important that you have a strong lower back before using an ab roller. As you roll out, it puts a lot of pressure on your lower back. This will do you more harm than good if your back isn’t strong enough to counter the pull of gravity as you exercise.

Core Balance Top Tip

Pilates exercises are a great way to strengthen your core and they’re particularly effective at targeting your lower back muscles. We recommend practising Pilates exercises to increase your lower back strength before advancing to an ab roller.

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