Core Balance Neoprene Dumbbells (3kg – 5kg) eBook

This guide is perfect for people already strength training with lighter weights and are looking to move onto heavier ones.  It has been created to help get the best use of your dumbbells and at the same time advising on different exercises which help build up specific muscles. This eBook has been created based on our range of dumbbells in mind.

However, if you’re just starting up strength training, we would suggest going for a lighter weight to avoid injury. You can find out more about strength training by reading our blog on What Are The Benefits Of Regular Strength Training?

Also, if you have any feedback or questions for us, don’t wait to contact us.

Please find your eBook in the link below.

Core Balance Neoprene Dumbbells

Core Balance Dumbbells 3kg - 5kg eBook

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