Why You Need A Set Of Mini Loop Bands

If you’re looking for simple way to tone and strengthen every major muscle group, look no further.

Regardless of your fitness levels, mini loop bands are one of the best pieces of exercise equipment you could possibly invest in. They may be on the small side, but they deliver big results when it comes to toning your muscles and strengthening your core. What’s more, they’re affordable, lightweight and portable, so there are no excuses not to workout when you’re on your travels.

Want to learn more about these amazing, mini resistance bands? Core Balance gives you the lowdown.

What are Mini Loop Bands?

Loop bands are small elasticated bands which create resistance when you stretch them.

Our mini loop bands come in a set of five with different colours and thicknesses offering varying levels of resistance. The lighter bands offer less resistance, making them easier to stretch, whilst the heavier bands offer greater resistance, making them harder to stretch.

The versatility of mini loop bands makes them perfect if you’re relatively new to exercising, as you can start off by using lighter bands and slowly work your way up to heavier bands as your strength improves.

Are they the same as resistance bands?

Not quite.

Mini loop bands are smaller which makes them perfect for wrapping around your forearms, thighs or both feet simultaneously. The range of activation exercises you can do with them aren’t possible with resistance bands because most resistance bands are over three times as long.

For example, mini loop bands are perfect for doing squats because they create immediate tension when wrapped around your thighs. Unless your legs are the size of tree trunks, resistance bands would be far too loose. It would be like putting a size twelve dress on a Barbie doll.

What exercises can you do with them?

If you’re looking for equipment that gives you a full body workout, mini loop bands are just the ticket.

They can be easily incorporated into everyday exercises to add extra intensity to your daily workout. Pop them around your feet to add resistance to mountain climbers; loop them around your ankles if you’re doing abductor lifts; or stretch them with your arms to activate your biceps, triceps and abs.

For further information on loop band exercises and the muscles you can work whilst doing them, check out our Mini Loop Band Exercise Guide.

Are they good for rehabilitation? 

Loop bands are great for using if you’re recovering from an injury because it’s almost impossible to put unnecessary strain on your joints and muscles. A good way of demonstrating this is by comparing them to weights.

When you lift weights, the level of resistance stays the same throughout the range of motion which makes it harder to tell if you’re pushing your muscles too far. When you stretch a loop band, the level of resistance increases throughout the range of motion. The more you stretch it, the stronger the resistance.

If you’re recovering from an injury, there’s very little danger of pushing your muscles too far because your body will tell you when enough is enough. Unlike weights, you’re in complete control of the pressure you’re applying.

Why choose Core Balance Mini Loop Bands?

Our mini loop bands are designed for easy portability, maximum durability and ultimate performance.

The bands are made from premium quality natural latex material for superior strength and elasticity. They come in a set of five and are supplied in a compact drawstring bag to easily bung in your bag and workout wherever you go.

Each mini loop band is also colour-coded and clearly labelled with their level of resistance, allowing you to easily identify the right band for your workout.

  • X-Light Loop Band (Teal): Injury Recovery. Resistance: 5lbs
  • Light Loop Band (Purple): Legs / Arms. Resistance: 10lbs
  • Medium Loop Band (Blue): Chest / Back. Resistance: 15lbs
  • Heavy Loop Band (Red): Thighs / Squats. Resistance: 20lbs
  • X-Heavy Loop Band (Black): Muscle Building / Squats. Resistance: 25lbs

We hope you enjoyed our guide to mini loop bands. Looking for further inspiration? Then check out our post on How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise.

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