The Importance Of Balance and Stability Training

If you’re planning a fitness regime, you probably have a specific goal in mind and a fairly good idea on how to achieve it.

For example, if you want to lose weight, a regular high-intensity cardio workout with a pair of dumbbells is a pretty good way to go about it. And, if you want to build your upper body muscles, you could do a lot worse than using the very same dumbbells for strength training exercises.

Balance and stability training are often overlooked completely when planning an exercise regime, but both are beneficial to every other type of workout you could possibly do.

By incorporating them into your cardio or strength training workout, you can improve your performance and achieve faster, better results.

Difference Between Balance & Stability

Before we discuss the benefits of balance and stability training, it’s important to understand the difference between them.

Balance is your ability to maintain your equilibrium without moving, such as standing on one leg or holding a yoga pose without falling over. Stability, on the other hand, is your ability to maintain your equilibrium whilst moving, such as running downhill or performing squats.

Benefits of Balance & Stability Training

Balance and stability training are important because they help to strengthen the core stabiliser muscles in your pelvis, abdomen, hips and lower back. These muscles help to spread movement in a balanced way, rather than putting too much stress on a specific area of your body.

Let’s look at the example of doing bicep curls with a pair of dumbbells.

When you’re performing bicep curls, your biceps are your primary movers. They’re the muscles controlling the movement of the dumbbells and doing most of the work.

Stabiliser muscles play a hidden role.

By keeping other body parts balanced and stable, they allow your biceps to work in a more efficient and effective way – improving your technique to deliver optimum results. Working out in a balanced way and applying the correct technique is also key to injury prevention.

Best Equipment for Balance & Stability Training

At Core Balance, we stock equipment that is specifically designed for balance and stability training. Each product allows you to test your balance, improve your stability and work your stabiliser muscles whilst performing everyday exercises, such as press-ups and squats.

Wobble Cushion

Wobble cushions are small inflatable cushions which are unstable to sit or stand on.

When you sit or stand on a wobble cushion, it sends your stabiliser muscles into overdrive as they work to prevent you falling over. You can use a wobble cushion to train your balance by standing on it or to develop your stability by using it for lunges and other exercises.

Our wobble cushion is made from anti-burst PVC with a non-slip surface for a safe and balanced workout. It comes in a range of colours and includes a pump for easy inflation.

Check out our exercise guide for information on how to use our wobble cushion and a range of exercises you can do with it.

Gym Ball 

Gym balls are large inflatable balls which are unsteady to sit, lie or lean on.

Although a gym ball is too big and unstable to stand on, it’s great for firing up your stabiliser muscles if you’re doing exercises such as a planks or crunches. Even sitting on a gym ball whilst you’re working at your desk will help to improve your core strength and balance.

Our gym ball is made from anti-burst PVC and comes in a choice of sizes, ranging from 55cm to 85cm. A pump and tape measure are included to easily inflate it to the correct diameter.

Read our exercise guide for further information on how to use our gym ball and a selection of exercises you can do with it.

Balance Trainer

Our balance trainer is our best piece of equipment for balance and stability training.

The advanced training tool has an inflatable dome on one side and a flat, solid surface on the other. This allows you to use it either way up to work out in a variety of ways.

Placing the balance trainer so the inflatable dome is facing down makes it unstable to stand on because it wobbles underneath your weight. Stand on the flat, solid surface to activate your core stabiliser muscles as they strive to prevent you falling over.

Placing the balance trainer with the flat side down keeps it grounded to the floor, so it stays in one place. You can then stand, sit or lie on the inflatable dome to challenge your core whilst performing a wide variety of exercises, such as planks, crunches and squats. Because it’s larger than a wobble cushion, it’s also great for step-ups and other aerobic exercises.

Our balance trainer comes with attachable resistance bands, so you can perform lateral raises and other resistance exercises whilst simultaneously training your balance and stability

For further information on how to use our balance trainer and a list of exercises you can do with it, check out our exercise guide.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog post, if you did, take a look at How to Motivate Yourself To Exercise.

Why not check out our range of fitness equipment here.

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