Why Is Core Stability Important?

One of the most common misconceptions is that exercise is only beneficial if it leaves you panting like a pug and drowning in a pool of sweat.

Core stability training is proof that this isn’t always the case. Because it’s a low-intensity workout, it’s often overlooked, but it’s importance cannot be overstated. By tightening the core muscles that support your spine and keep you balanced, it helps you to perform activities and exercises with the correct technique.

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What is your core?

Your core is comprised of a group of muscles in your lower trunk which work together to improve your stability and mobility. Every bodily movement originates from your core which is why it’s so important.

Among the major core muscles are the spinal flexors, hip flexors, extensors, and abdominal muscles.  Your abdominal muscles consist of the transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, and internal and external obliques.

The transverse abdominus is found deep inside your abdominals and helps to keep your spine and pelvis stable. Your obliques control side bending and other spinal movements, such as rotating from side to side.

The rectus abdominus runs down the front of your abdomen. It’s the muscle commonly referred to as your ‘six-pack’ and allows you to flex in a forward motion, such as getting out of bed or doing crunches.

But why do I need core stability?

Core stability helps to prevent your spine moving unnaturally when you’re walking, exercising, and doing everyday activities. This allows your arms and legs to operate in a stable, balanced way, so you can perform activities correctly.

Imagine picking up a heavy box. If you lack core stability and your balance is off, you’re going to put too much strain on one side of your body. This will cause your spine to bend and flex incorrectly which could potentially lead to injury.

What’s the difference between core stability and core strength?

Core stability helps to keep your body stable when you’re doing a physical activity whilst core strength helps you to perform movements and actions more effectively. Both play a huge role when it comes to keeping fit.

Let’s look at the example of throwing a ball. If you lack core stability and you’re unsteady on your feet, you’re unlikely to throw it with the correct technique. Likewise, if you lack core strength, you’re unlikely to throw it with enough strength and power.

Read our blog on core strength training to find out more.

What can I do to improve my core stability?

At Core Balance, we stock a range of equipment to help you develop your core stability. The equipment can be used to add instability when you’re sitting or standing which helps to fire up your stabiliser muscles and engage your core.

Balance Board

A balance board is an incredibly simple piece of core stability equipment which is designed to gently wobble when you stand on it. This sends your core muscles into overdrive as they work to keep you upright and prevent you falling over.

Gym Ball

One of the coolest things about core stability training is that you can do it whilst sitting on your backside. All you need is a large gym ball. Because the gym ball is inflatable, it’s unstable to sit on which makes it great for working your core.

Wobble Cushion

A wobble cushion is a small inflatable cushion which can be placed on a chair to create instability when you’re sitting. Our favourite core stability exercise with the wobble cushion is placing it on the floor and using it to add instability to planks.

Balance Trainer

Our balance trainer features half an inflatable ball on one side and a flat surface on the other. You can use it like a balance board by placing the ball side down and standing on the flat surface, or you can flip it over and use the half-ball for planks.

The balance trainer is also great for strengthening your core because you can use it to add instability to crunches, squats, and other exercises. Attachable resistance bands allow you to strength and resistance exercises whilst training your core.

Visit the Core Balance website to view our full range of core training equipment, as well as strength training equipment, yoga accessories, and more.
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