About Us

About Us

Who are Core Balance?

We are fitness enthusiasts who know how hard it is to stay in shape when you have a busy schedule. Exercising isn’t easy when you’re working long hours, bringing up young children and keeping your house in check. What you need is balance. What you need is Core Balance.


We strive to create fitness products which are made to the highest standards whilst remaining available at affordable prices. We also know that to reach your fitness goals you need the right equipment, therefore we have tried and tested all of our equipment to ensure it enhances your performance. With our expert knowledge, detailed product descriptions and blog content we aim to make reaching your health and fitness goals more achievable.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should shop with us.

  • Same day dispatch 
  • Express Delivery  
  • Free delivery for orders over £40 
  • Enhanced content 
  • Industry knowledge 
  • Customer service 


To read more about how Core Balance started head to our website now.


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